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The Church—and we’re talking about people, not a building—exists for others. The church should be a community of people who imitate Jesus’ sacrificial, life-giving love as they pursue and work for the flourishing of the people and paces around them. Another way of saying this is:


The church exists

for the life of the world! 

Human beings were made to flourish in paradise! God created us, in love, to be at rest—at home, if you will—in his loving presence. Sadly, history does not exactly tell a story of humanity’s (or the earth’s!) flourishing. The rest we long for proves elusive, if not blatantly unattainable, despite our best efforts.  This harsh reality leaves many of us feeling disillusioned or hopeless. We know intuitively that things—in our families, communities, and ourselves—are not the way they’re supposed to be, or even as we would like them to be. This can leave us either tempted to despair or resolved to the notion that this life is all there is. So, we desperately seek to satisfy our hunger for something better through a seemingly endless buffet of visions of “the good life” that offer us a sense of beauty, transcendence, and purpose. The truth is, we know that none of these visions of the good life ever truly satisfy. We will never be healthy enough, wealthy enough, or smart enough, nor will our communities ever feel safe enough, to satiate our thirst for something more than “eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.” 


The good news is that God has made a way for humanity to be welcomed back into his presence. Jesus, who is Immanuel (“God with us”) is the way home to God’s loving presence! Immanuel Church, then, exists to be a sign-post pointing to Jesus and our home. As such…


We seek to faithfully embody God’s love, in Jesus, for the life of the world. 


How do we seek to accomplish this vision?


We seek to faithfully embody God’s love, for the life of the world, by practicing the way of Jesus together. 


What does practicing the way of Jesus look like? 


  1. It looks like a celebration of rest in God’s presence. This celebration of rest takes place when we gather together for worship and prayer.

  2. It looks like the cultivation of life in God’s presence. This cultivation of rest takes place when we practice daily habits of love of God and love of neighbor.


So, embodying God’s love means:


We practice the way of Jesus,

through the celebration of rest and cultivation of life in the presence of God,

for the life of the world. 

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