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The Story of the Bible

The story that the Bible tells, from beginning to end, can and should be trusted to truthfully reveal the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), what it means to be human, why life is broken, and what hope there is in the midst of all the chaos, injustice, and suffering. Throughout the Bible, the focus is on the God of Israel who, in holy love created the world and has promised to put the world right once again. This story reaches its climax in the person and work of Jesus who came to defeat evil, sin, and death. His work began in the manger and will reach its completion when he returns to “make all things new.” We love this story! 



When we gather for worship on a Sunday we are mysteriously gathered into God’s heavenly presence. Worship, therefore, is important because God, the primary actor, is transforming us into the image of Jesus and captivating our imaginations with the gospel of the Kingdom (i.e. the story of the Bible) in order that we  might find rest in him, faithfully embody his love, and live for the life of the world.   



The way of Jesus requires full dependence on God through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit; it reminds us that we are helpless to navigate the brokenness of life on our own. Prayer, then, is the means by which God invites us to acknowledge our dependence on Him while at the same time participating in his mission to bring His kingdom to earth as it is in heaven. For this reason we seek to pray with reckless abandon filed with hope for the present and the future! 



Hospitality is more than just entertaining friends; it is the welcoming of others—including strangers—into a shared life together. This is the kind of loving community we want to be. 


Community Involvement

Existing for the life of the world means engaging in the life of the community as a church and as individual Jesus followers. At a basic level this means serving community institutions and meeting community needs as best we can. In all of this, our desire is to be a faithful presence of God’s love.  


Retelling the Story of Jesus

Following Jesus means wanting others to know and experience the joy of finding rest and life in God’s loving presence. This is the missionary impulse that has always been a staple of historic Christianity. Therefore, we long to tell others the story of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. We respect that not all will believe as we believe, but with humility we want others to hear and know the good news of salvation that is offered the world in and through the person and work of Jesus. For this reason we seek to start new conversations about Jesus, we encourage exploration of the Christian faith, and we seek to give honest answers to honest questions. ​


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